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UNLIMITED BUBFit classes - only $49pw



Pre & Postnatal - Suitable for all fitness levels

Duration: 45mins


This prenatal and postnatal Pilates class is designed to ease back into exercise in a safe and gentle way. Pilates is fantastic to strengthen and lengthen the body. We’ll be activating the correct muscles whilst doing exercises that focus on regaining strength, all while having your bubs right next to you. Exercises are modified for prenatal clients but the workout is just as good.



Prenatal & Postnatal - Basic to Intermediate Level

Duration: 45mins


This water workout is suitable for both prenatal and postnatal women. Benefits of this class are a low impact (but not low intensity) class that will challenge you with different water directions and added aqua equipment.

For postnatal clients this class uses a waterproof baby carrier to help support your bub in the water whilst also using your baby as a form of weight resistance, providing the opportunity to introduce them to the water at the same time.

Harnesses are provided. Babies must weigh min 5kgs. Places are limited. Bookings essential.



Pre & Postnatal - Suitable for all levels

Duration: 45mins

Challenge your entire body with exercises designed to chisel and sculpt your muscles while whilst working your core, legs, stability and posture. Barre class is a low-impact class designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body through a fusion of Pilates and ballet. It is a highly effective program of lower body focused exercises which leave you feeling tightened and toned from head to toe.

Babies can remain in prams, be secured in a baby carrier or play freely in our studio.



Postnatal - Suitable for all fitness levels

Duration: 45mins

This 45 minute postnatal class will get you into shape using your body weight and resistance band exercises centred around your pram. This class will recharge your energy levels and boost your metabolism while building lean muscle mass and strengthening your core. 

Bubs can either remain in the pram making this the perfect class during nap times or for more mobile children, being outdoors gives them a little play time whilst you work out.

Outdoor class weather permitting. Babies can remain in prams or play freely outdoors.

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Postnatal - Intermediate to Advanced Level 

Duration: 45mins


This class is designed for those who are physically ready to hit hard. Prepare yourself for some serious box and kick drills, practice agility and speed to activate your focus pathway and get that tummy region on fire while super setting different exercises. 

Babies can remain in prams or play freely in our studio.



Prenatal & Postnatal - Suitable for all levels

Duration: 60mins

Join Casey for a realistic yoga class to get all systems firing after the birth of bub.

Using small muscle awareness in the body you will focus on the usual suspects - pelvic floor, abdominals, shoulders and arms. Don’t worry, there’s something for the whole body and bubs are welcome too. For prenatal clients, this yoga class will get you moving in a way that’ll make you feel great during your pregnancy journey.

Babies can remain in prams or play freely in our studio.



Postnatal - Beginner to Intermediate Level 

Duration: 45mins

This total body workout will help flatten your tummy, slim you down and boost your mood.

Led by the incredible Danielle Belleli and Anna Kooiman, our ladies bring you a mix of kickboxing, athletic drills, dancing and toning. Light weights are often used throughout the class.

Babies can remain in prams or play freely in our studio.

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