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Our vibrant team of industry professionals have been hand-picked to ensure you get results! Our management team  boasts a combined 10 years industry experience in management and our elite Personal Training team bring a diverse skill-set to cater to your every need.


Fitness Coordinator.

Focusing to be the best version of myself from a young age has allowed me to realise that without struggle or hardship, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, you are unable to grow as a person. Growing up I was obese, 120kgs + I was categorised as obese, in fact.  I found love in the gym and proceeded to lose 50kgs. Health and fitness has not only sculpted my body but has strengthened my character and built a mental fortitude that now transfers over to all aspects of my life.

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My goal as a personal trainer is to empower others to feel good.
If you were to ask me, why I do what I do? The genuine answer would be, I love to help people. Fitness is such a powerful tool for both physical and mental wellbeing – it’s a lifestyle that everyone should utilise. 
I’ve always been a pretty active person, recently I took it up a notch and decided to enter a fitness competition. This was a huge eye opener to me. It challenged me in ways I never thought I could be challenged and gave me an understanding as to what my clients might feel when taking the first steps on their fitness journey - It’s not easy, but we all have the power to do it! 

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With over 17 years experience as a personal trainer, boxing instructor, and nutritionist, I am fully devoted to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals.

The key to success always starts with a solid foundation of sound technique and body mechanics specifically catered to you.

My daily goal is to bring positivity and encouragement to my clients I believe that we all (regardless of our current condition) are able to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.

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